About us


We desire technologization, sustainable and fast-paced development for Financial Institutions


Promote monetary circulation by lowering personal loan interest rate

Brand Value

Promote Financial market development, non-stop innovation, continuous services quality improvement.

Our History


MasOffer was established, belonged to Vimarket Vietnam JSC.,


MasOffer Fintech was established and had served Financial Institutions


RedBag was founded and officially operated


MasOffer Fintech and RedBag belonged to RIO Vietnam Technology JSC.,


RIO establishes Credit.vn, leading the change of quality services

Our Team

The company is led by a team of talented people with strong management, high-level experience of Affiliate Marketing and Fintech

Our Company

Culture & People

Mr. Le Hoang Manh Hung

COO of RIO Technology

RIO has been building brand and business value promoting Financial market development, non-stop innovation, head to frequent services improvement. RIO desires to make an optimistic impact, an opportunity for Vietnam to become the most attractive financial market in ASEAN, in the whole world so far

Lê Hoàng Mạnh Hùng

Our Activities


RIO concentrates on developing skills, mindset for employees

Town Hall

RIO employees share result of the month, expectations and thoughts

Team building

RIO create, maintain solidarity and strong relationship


RIO has plenty of celebrations per year: birthday party, YEP, others